4 Reasons to Get Clear Aligners

If you have teeth that are crooked or if your jaw is misaligned, your dentist may recommend braces or clear aligners. Clear aligners aren’t an option for everyone, but if you have the choice between aligners and braces, it’s important to understand the difference and what the advantages are of clear aligners. As your dentist in St. Paul, MN, we can answer your questions about clear aligners. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Clear Aligners Make Cleaning Your Teeth Easy

Braces stay on for tooth brushing and flossing, so cleaning your teeth with braces can be challenging. Clear aligners can be removed for teeth cleaning, so the tooth brushing process remains the same.

You can clean your aligners while you clean your teeth: just take them out and brush them lightly with a toothbrush or soak them in antibacterial soap.

2. Clear Aligners Are Removed At Meals

Braces stay in for meals, limiting the number of foods you can consume with braces on. Clear aligners are removed for meals, so you can eat whatever foods you want.

3. Clear Aligners Are Subtle 

Braces are very visible. They’re easy to see in your mouth and when you smile. Clear aligners are the opposite. Up close, aligners are so subtle they’re almost unnoticeable. From far away, clear aligners are invisible. This means you can smile without anyone noticing your aligners.

4. Clear Aligners Involve No Wires or Brackets

While braces have wires and brackets that can be pokey if broken, clear aligners do not. This makes clear aligners in St. Paul, MN, a clear choice for some patients. At St. Anthony Park Dental Care, we can help you decide whether clear aligners are right for you. Call today.

Clear Aligners vs Traditional Braces – Which is the Best Option for You?  

Smile alignment issues can cause a lot of problems with oral health. However, braces can be a straightforward solution to a healthier, more confident smile. When you schedule an appointment for orthodontic treatment in St. Paul, MN, the dentist will discuss the different types of braces with you. Two options likely to come up will be clear aligners and traditional metal braces. Here is a look at a few things to consider with clear aligners versus standard braces.

Alignment Issues

Traditional braces work better for people with more severe alignment issues. However, clear aligners can work well from mild to moderate bite issues. For example, an individual with severe problems with crowding may be a better candidate for metal braces.


Traditional braces are obviously more conspicuous than clear aligner smile alignment. In fact, clear aligners are practically invisible unless someone is looking at your teeth really closely.

Duration of Treatment

The duration of treatment with clear aligners and traditional braces is comparable. The average duration of treatment for clear aligners is less than two years. Traditional braces take between one and three years. Of course, the duration varies significantly from one patient and one smile to the next.


For the most part, traditional braces are considered slightly less expensive than clear aligners, but this can vary depending on the patient. It is a common misconception that clear aligners are rarely covered by dental health insurance. Nevertheless, more providers accept clear aligners as a standard of care and offer coverage for this treatment option.

Talk to a St. Paul Orthodontist About Smile Alignment Options

Choosing braces can be a major decision, but a St. Paul orthodontist can help. Reach out to St. Anthony Park Dental Care to schedule an appointment to learn more about your options for aligning your smile.


Are Clear Aligners Right For Me?  

Are your teeth crowded, crooked or misaligned? If so, then your dental professional may recommend clear aligners in St. Paul, MN. For many years, braces were the go-to orthodontic product for anyone suffering from crooked or misaligned teeth.

Because clear aligners are relatively new to orthodontic practices, many patients are relatively unaware of clear aligners, how they work, and what their benefits are. Below, we’ll outline some basic information about clear aligners that will help you make your decision.

Who needs clear aligners?

Many people who would qualify for traditional braces also qualify for clear aligners. Your dental will be able to assess the alignment of your teeth to tell you whether clear aligners are right for you. Clear aligners are typically a good choice for people who have poorly aligned teeth and crooked teeth.

What are the benefits of clear aligners?

There are many benefits of clear aligners, particularly if you compare them to traditional braces.

  • Little impact on appearance. Whereas traditional braces stand out when you smile, clear aligners do not. They’re very hard to see because they’re made from a clear resin.
  • Easy to clean. You can take your clear aligners off for tooth brushing and for cleaning your aligners – much easier than braces!
  • Less impact on what you eat. Traditional braces are easily damaged by certain foods. Clear aligners can be removed at meals, which you can continue to enjoy the foods you love.

How can I tell if I could benefit from clear aligners?

Talk to your dental professional! Getting an assessment is the only way to determine whether clear aligners are right for you. Set up an appointment with your dental professional in St. Paul, MN. Call St. Anthony Park Dental Care to make an appointment today.


Trying to Decide Between Invisalign and Traditional Braces? What to Know

Crooked or misaligned teeth can be more than an embarrassment. These problems can prevent you from chewing properly, and may even lead to pain in your jaw and teeth. As your dentist in St. Paul MN, the professionals at St. Anthony Park Dental Care can help in multiple ways. We provide invisalign and traditional braces to our patients. Here’s what you need to know. 

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have been used for decades to straighten crooked teeth. They’re made from wires and brackets that are tightened periodically to pull the teeth into the right position. Traditional braces are effective, but can be difficult to clean and easily damaged by crunchy or sticky foods. 

The benefit of traditional braces? Cost. These braces typically cost less than clear aligners.  

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are made from durable, clear resin. They’re shaped to fit over the teeth, and they work by gently moving the teeth into a slightly different position. Invisalign braces function very much like traditional braces, but with some advantages:

  • Invisalign braces are easy to clean.
  • You can take your Invisalign braces off for meals, which means you don’t have to worry about breaking your aligners with hard foods.
  • Invisalign braces are neary invisible and don’t interfere with the appearance of your smile. 

Which One Is Right for You?

Making a decision can be tough! Your dental professional at St. Anthony Park Dental Care can help you determine which type of braces are best for you. Are you interested in traditional braces or invisalign in St. Paul MN? We can help. Contact the dental professionals at St. Anthony Park Dental Care to make an appointment and learn more about invisalign and traditional braces.  


4 Myths About Clear Aligners for Smile Alignment

When you want smile alignment, but not metal braces, clear aligners in St. Paul, MN can be the most attractive solution. This alternative route to straightening your teeth is inconspicuous and just as effective as metal braces. However, clear aligner smile straightening is also prone to quite a few misconceptions. Here is a look at some of the myths about treatment with the facts you should know.

Myth: Your clear aligners get stained easily.

Clear aligners are made out of a resilient plastic material that is non-porous and relatively resilient to stains. Therefore, you should not see your aligners grow unsightly simply because you have a cup of coffee or drink a glass of soda. Further, the aligners are taken out when you eat, and you do switch aligners as your treatment progresses.

Myth: The aligners hurt your mouth.

Most patients will experience a brief period immediately after installing a new aligner when they feel slight tension on their teeth. This can be vaguely uncomfortable at first, but passes quickly and definitely should not be painful.

Myth: Clear aligners don’t straighten your smile as quickly.

When you wear and change the aligners as directed by the dentist, the treatment duration can be comparable to what it would be with standard metal braces. Of course, every patient’s case can vary, so there is no set length of treatment time to expect.

Myth: You will talk strangely with clear aligners.

The material the aligners are made from is thin and inconspicuous. You may notice that your teeth feel slightly different, which can initially mean the motions of your teeth and tongue are affected. However, this sensation does pass and you should be able to talk relatively the same as you always do.

Find the Best Orthodontic Treatment in St. Paul, MN

When it comes to picking the best orthodontist treatment in St. Paul, MN, you need a dentist who offers the most advanced options. Clear aligner smile alignment is the perfect example. Reach out to us at St. Anthony Park Dental Care to schedule an appointment.