4 Myths About Clear Aligners for Smile Alignment

When you want smile alignment, but not metal braces, clear aligners in St. Paul, MN can be the most attractive solution. This alternative route to straightening your teeth is inconspicuous and just as effective as metal braces. However, clear aligner smile straightening is also prone to quite a few misconceptions. Here is a look at some of the myths about treatment with the facts you should know.

Myth: Your clear aligners get stained easily.

Clear aligners are made out of a resilient plastic material that is non-porous and relatively resilient to stains. Therefore, you should not see your aligners grow unsightly simply because you have a cup of coffee or drink a glass of soda. Further, the aligners are taken out when you eat, and you do switch aligners as your treatment progresses.

Myth: The aligners hurt your mouth.

Most patients will experience a brief period immediately after installing a new aligner when they feel slight tension on their teeth. This can be vaguely uncomfortable at first, but passes quickly and definitely should not be painful.

Myth: Clear aligners don’t straighten your smile as quickly.

When you wear and change the aligners as directed by the dentist, the treatment duration can be comparable to what it would be with standard metal braces. Of course, every patient’s case can vary, so there is no set length of treatment time to expect.

Myth: You will talk strangely with clear aligners.

The material the aligners are made from is thin and inconspicuous. You may notice that your teeth feel slightly different, which can initially mean the motions of your teeth and tongue are affected. However, this sensation does pass and you should be able to talk relatively the same as you always do.

Find the Best Orthodontic Treatment in St. Paul, MN

When it comes to picking the best orthodontist treatment in St. Paul, MN, you need a dentist who offers the most advanced options. Clear aligner smile alignment is the perfect example. Reach out to us at St. Anthony Park Dental Care to schedule an appointment.

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