Clear Aligners vs Traditional Braces – Which is the Best Option for You?  

Smile alignment issues can cause a lot of problems with oral health. However, braces can be a straightforward solution to a healthier, more confident smile. When you schedule an appointment for orthodontic treatment in St. Paul, MN, the dentist will discuss the different types of braces with you. Two options likely to come up will be clear aligners and traditional metal braces. Here is a look at a few things to consider with clear aligners versus standard braces.

Alignment Issues

Traditional braces work better for people with more severe alignment issues. However, clear aligners can work well from mild to moderate bite issues. For example, an individual with severe problems with crowding may be a better candidate for metal braces.


Traditional braces are obviously more conspicuous than clear aligner smile alignment. In fact, clear aligners are practically invisible unless someone is looking at your teeth really closely.

Duration of Treatment

The duration of treatment with clear aligners and traditional braces is comparable. The average duration of treatment for clear aligners is less than two years. Traditional braces take between one and three years. Of course, the duration varies significantly from one patient and one smile to the next.


For the most part, traditional braces are considered slightly less expensive than clear aligners, but this can vary depending on the patient. It is a common misconception that clear aligners are rarely covered by dental health insurance. Nevertheless, more providers accept clear aligners as a standard of care and offer coverage for this treatment option.

Talk to a St. Paul Orthodontist About Smile Alignment Options

Choosing braces can be a major decision, but a St. Paul orthodontist can help. Reach out to St. Anthony Park Dental Care to schedule an appointment to learn more about your options for aligning your smile.


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