Signs You Have a TMJ Disorder and How to Treat It  

Dental pain, or any pain related to oral health, is some of the most excruciating pain that causes concern for many patients. Without proper hygiene and care, diseases, illnesses, and maladies can cause various disorders that affect the joints, systems, and health of your entire body. St. Anthony Park Dental Care of St. Paul, MN is your local expert in various remedies for common issues, such as TMJ disorders.

What are TMJ and TMD?

The TMJ is your temporomandibular joint, which is a mouthful both literally and figuratively. It is an extremely important joint that allows you to move your jaw, speak and bite. It connects your jaw to your skull, and you can feel the “points” of the joint by opening and closing your mouth and placing your fingers over the side of your cheeks.

 Those who have pain, discomfort, or severe illness affecting TMJ are said to have TMD, which is simply a TMJ disorder.

Signs You May Have a TMJ Disorder

Locking of The Joint

A familiar term you may have heard is the “clicking” noise associated with your jaw, sometimes even referred to as “lockjaw” incorrectly. If the joint is unusually stiff or clicks often – it is worth a check-up at your local dentist.

Pain and Tenderness in The Jaw

A critical sign of TMJ disorders is pain and tenderness anywhere along the jaw, but definitely near the base of your joint. This can sometimes cause tears affecting the tear duct.

Difficulty Performing Daily Activities

If biting, chewing, or speaking becomes difficult due to jaw pain or loss of your range of motion, this is a sign of TMD.

Your Dentist in St. Paul, MN

The guidance of a professional dental team is your best chance at treating your TMJ disorders. An appointment with St. Anthony Park Dental Care of St. Paul MN can help provide the necessary recommendations and solutions based on your unique situation.


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