Do All Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common procedures dentists perform. But why do wisdom teeth need to be removed, and how can you tell if they need to come out? Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed? As your dentist in St. Paul, MN, the professionals at St. Anthony Park Dental Care are here to help. Through visual examination and X-rays, we can evaluate the condition of your wisdom teeth and help you determine whether removal is needed.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Many things can lead to wisdom teeth needing to be removed. For example, some wisdom teeth take up too much space in the jaw, which can cause other teeth to become crowded and crooked.

Sometimes, wisdom teeth don’t erupt from the gums all the way. Instead, they stay half in and half out of the gums. These half-erupted teeth are impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth can get cavities, but it can’t receive fillings when this happens. When this happens, the tooth (or teeth) must be extracted.

Do All Wisdom Teeth Require Removal?

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. If your wisdom tooth is in your mouth without crowding other teeth or causing other problems, your dentist may choose to leave it in.

How Can You Tell If Your Wisdom Teeth Need Removal?

You may need to have your wisdom teeth removed if:

  • You get pain around the wisdom teeth regularly
  • Your wisdom teeth have decayed or have caused decay elsewhere in the mouth
  • Your wisdom teeth have caused damage to nearby teeth
  • You’ve experienced repeated infections due to your wisdom teeth

Only your dentist can tell you if you should have wisdom teeth removed in St. Paul, MN. Call St. Anthony Park Dental Care to learn more.

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