Why Dental Implants Can Be a Good Choice Over Dentures

If dental disease or facial trauma has taken some or all your natural teeth, replacing them with artificial teeth should be your top priority. One danger in waiting too long is that your remaining teeth could shift into the open spot and cause problems with your alignment. You could also experience facial sagging, the frustration of others not understanding your speech, and difficulty getting adequate nutrition.

Dental implants in St. Paul MN replace both your missing teeth and their roots. Implants hold your replacement teeth in your mouth permanently, and patients appreciate that they look and function more like natural teeth than dentures do. If you are still considering your tooth replacement options, we hope that you find the comparison between dentures and implants helpful.

Dental Implant Benefits

Because they replace the roots of your missing teeth, dental implants do a better job of supporting jawbone health over time. Implants restore your speaking ability and chewing force right away. With consistent attention to your oral health, you can expect your implant supported replacement teeth to last for the remainder of your life.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures cost less than dental implants, and you do not need surgery to obtain them. After your dentist obtains X-rays and creates a mold of your new teeth, you are ready to come in for a fitting. You may also need additional teeth extracted. Some downsides of dentures include having to replace them every seven to 10 years, jawbone deterioration, food restrictions, and the fact that they may not remain in your mouth as securely as you would like.

St. Anthony Park Dental Care is Ready to See You

Our dentists understand that choosing the best tooth replacement option is a big decision. Please contact us to request a consultation to learn whether dental implants in St. Paul MN is the right choice for you.

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