How Often Should I Be Seeing the Dentist?

How often do you see the dentist? If you’re not going to the dentist frequently enough, you could be putting yourself at risk for a variety of dental problems, including gingivitis, gum disease, infection and even lost permanent teeth. Going to the dentist can help catch problems in their early stages.

You should also be seeing the dentist when you’re having a dental emergency, or when you’re noticing symptoms of a dental problem. Below, we’ve summarized when you should be seeing the dentist, so you’ll know when it’s time to make an appointment.

See the Dentist Every Six Months

See the dentist every six months for preventative dental care in St. Paul, MN. Seeing the dentist every six months for a cleaning and examination can help keep your teeth healthy. During your six-month appointments, your dentist will:

  • Clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar
  • Eliminate some easy to remove stains on the tooth enamel
  • Check your teeth for signs of a problem, like gum disease
  • Administer fluoride treatments or x-rays as needed

When It’s An Emergency

If you’re having a dental emergency, see the dentist right away. Go to your dentist for the following dental emergencies:

  • Loss of a permanent tooth
  • Chipped, cracked or broken tooth
  • Dental injury
  • Swollen and painful tooth

If you think you might be having a dental emergency, call your dentist in St. Paul, MN to get help as soon as possible. If you lose a permanent tooth, see your dentist as quickly as possible. Your dentist may be able to save your tooth, if you can reach them fast.

See the Dentist When You’re Noticing Symptoms

Are you noticing signs of a dental problem? Here’s what to watch for:

  • Bad breath that doesn’t go away when you brush your teeth
  • Sensitivity in the teeth
  • Pain in the mouth

Need to be seen by a dentist? Call St. Anthony Park Dental Care to make an appointment today.

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