What Questions Should I Ask When I Go to the Dentist?

When you go to the dentist for a dental exam and cleaning in St. Paul MN, you’ve got a good opportunity to ask your dentist important questions about how to take are of your teeth.

Taking the opportunity to ask these questions can help you take good care of your teeth and gums. Knowing which questions to ask can help you have productive conversations with your dentist, so you can make the most of your visit. Here’s what we suggest.

1. Are my teeth and gums healthy?

Hopefully your dentist is already planning to tell you whether you have healthy teeth and gums, but it never helps to start the conversation on your own. Asking the question opens the opportunity for dialogue and ensures that you get important information about your oral health. If your dentist has concerns about the health of your teeth and gums, ask follow-up questions about what you can do to turn any problems around.

2. Can you show me how to brush my teeth and floss?

You probably floss and brush your teeth every day, but when was the last time that a dentist gave you a tutorial on how to do it? Getting a quick tutorial from your dentist helps ensure that you’re taking good care of your teeth and helps you get rid of any bad brushing or flossing habits you may have developed over the years.

3. Am I at risk for any oral health conditions?

Some people are at higher risk for oral health conditions than others. For example, smoking puts you at high risk for periodontal disease. Knowing your risk factors can help you take action to care for your teeth.

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