5 Risk Factors of Cavities

Cavities are something most of us experience at some point. However, as some of us get cavities more than others, it could be due to certain risk factors.

Keep reading to learn about five common risk factors of cavities.

Certain foods and beverages

Sugar is a popular culprit of tooth decay. However, sticky, sugary foods are even worse. These can cling to your teeth for long periods and are sometimes difficult to remove, increasing the chances of tooth decay. Some of the worst offenders are ice cream, soda, cake, hard candy, dry cereal, and chips.

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Location of tooth

While a cavity can happen anywhere, they’re most common in your back teeth. That’s because these areas feature several nooks and crannies that can easily trap food particles. This, combined with the location, makes these teeth harder to clean and keep healthy.

Inadequate brushing or flossing

Properly brushing and flossing are essential to preventing cavities. As bacteria starts to build up after eating, it’s important to clean your teeth and gums.

Dry mouth

Saliva production helps to keep our mouths healthy. That said, if you suffer from dry mouth, you may experience a number of dental concerns. Certain medications and medical conditions often cause dry mouth.

Young or old age

Your age may also play a role in getting cavities. Young children, teenagers, and older adults are most at risk. This is because young teeth haven’t yet fully developed, and it’s more common for older adults to have worn-down teeth and receding gums.

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