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Clear Aligners vs Traditional Braces – Which is the Best Option for You?  

Smile alignment issues can cause a lot of problems with oral health. However, braces can be a straightforward solution to a healthier, more confident smile. When you schedule an appointment for orthodontic treatment in St. Paul, MN, the dentist will discuss the different types of braces with you. Two options likely to come up will […]

When is it Time for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are more than just aesthetic, they provide a long-term solution for proper oral hygiene and oral care. Missing teeth, especially large sets, invite progressive diseases that can affect many systems inside your body. Furthermore, the loss of teeth negatively shapes your jawline, which takes away function and ages you considerably. SAP Dental of […]

Are Clear Aligners Right For Me?  

Are your teeth crowded, crooked or misaligned? If so, then your dental professional may recommend clear aligners in St. Paul, MN. For many years, braces were the go-to orthodontic product for anyone suffering from crooked or misaligned teeth. Because clear aligners are relatively new to orthodontic practices, many patients are relatively unaware of clear aligners, […]